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Award-winning filmmaker Lara Stolman has spoken and taught at film festivals, community screenings, in corporate settings and at universities worldwide.

Speaking from her heart and her depth of professional experience working in network news and documentary filmmaking, her speaking appearances have included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Comcast, Columbia University, NYU and multiple international engagements as a Film Envoy with the US State Department’s American Film Showcase program.

Lara’s subjects include news producing, independent filmmaking and distribution, women in film, parent advocacy, diversity and inclusion and storytelling for social change. If you would like to find out more about her availability and fees, please get in touch here.

Screenings, Speaking Engagements & Working with Lara

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Distribution Strategy for Independent Documentary Films
March 31, 2021

Character-Driven Social Issue Documentary Storytelling and Production
June 15, 2018

Marcia Rock - Director, News and Documentary NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism InstituteLara Stolman has consistently been one of the best-prepared guest teachers for our master class series. Her recent talk about proposal writing and budgets was thorough and informed with excellent examples. She integrated the student’s work and the examples beautifully. It really made a difference in my students’ understanding about and how to convey their pitches and stories in writing and the range of budgets possible. She showed how much she cares about students, their progress and creative thinking with every question they had, and there was a robust discussion after her talk.
Tejal Tarro – Managing Partner Catalyst, Chief Services Officer AWE (Advancing Workplace Excellence)Lara is an inspiring, passionate and authentic speaker whose universal message of inclusion and courage resonated deeply with our conference audience of over 300 people representing a variety of organizations and industries. I greatly appreciated her ability to discuss candidly and vulnerably the challenges she overcame not only with her latest project, Swim Team, but also with her own personal journey of navigating the world of TV production and filmmaking. Finally, her professionalism and work ethic made it a pleasure to work with her in preparation for the conference experience.
Jacqueline Gurgui - iMentoriMentor was thrilled to have director Lara Stolman visit our offices to join in a discussion with our staff. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are each core values at iMentor, and in honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, in partnership with our Diversity Committee, Swim Team contributed so much to this valuable conversation about the topic of disabilities within the larger community. It was a joy to have her!

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Journalists and students of journalism joined an experience-sharing workshop in Addis Ababa on investigative journalism, fact checking, and mis/disinformation with Lara Stolman, an award-winning American writer, producer, and director.

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