Swim Team Resources

In 2015, Lara was commissioned by The New York Times to create this short film based on her then film in progress:

Swim Team Educational Resources:


Teaching With: ‘Go Hammerheads! Winning With Autism’

Children with disabilities often can’t participate in team sports. The video “Go Hammerheads! Winning With Autism” shows excerpts from “Swim Team,” a documentary that chronicles the Jersey Hammerheads, a swim team for kids with autism. Read more…


Swim Team | Lesson Plan Clips

We meet the three main athletes in Swim Team, Mikey, Robbie and Kelvin, who are on the autism spectrum. We learn about their dedication to the Jersey Hammerheads, the Special Olympics swim team established by Mikey’s parents, Michael and Maria, and the purpose and value of this swim team. Read more…


Swim Team | Discussion Guide

The Swim Team discussion guide includes information on the autism spectrum, autism in New Jersey, “Falling Off the Cliff”, services and programs for adults with autism and the Special Olympics, as well as prompts for discussion and a list of action steps and resources. Read more…

Swim Team | Lesson Plan – Sports and Autism: A Science Lesson on Correlation

In Perth Amboy, New Jersey, the parents of one boy on the autism spectrum do not let this diagnosis stand in the way of his success. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and form the Jersey Hammerheads, a Special Olympics swim team for a group of diverse teens on the autism spectrum. They train and coach this team of teens to compete together with high expectations, zero pity and plenty of support and encouragement. Read more…